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Aug 22, 2022

Internet Culture is Changing (Andrew Tate, Sneako, Sam Hyde, Nick Fuentes, Alex Jones)

Aug 22, 2022

Being Fatphobic is a GOOD Thing

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Father of two BEAUTIFUL girls! Kennedy is 2 years old, and Chloe is 7 years old, Chloe is my step daughter but I don't treat her any differently, I love them both very much. You'll never feel a stronger love in your heart than the love of your children.


I've been playing video games for as long as I can remember, literally gaming since I was a baby. I grew up in a family of gamers. The earliest games I can remember playing were on the Sega Genesis (known as the Mega Drive in some areas), I would play a lot of Sonic Spinball, a Hulk game that I can't quite remember the name, as well as many others. I would also play on the PS1, the PS2 when that came out, and I would play on the PC a lot. I first found Roblox in late 2007, in which I would play as a guest because back in those times there wasn't a big reason to have an actual account. I made my first account on February 29th, 2008, "loloy" which I unfortunately sold to someone. I then had a couple other accounts that I made, such as "KennyIsBeast" in October of 2010, and "KennyTheKid420" in May of 2012.  Both of those accounts I had lost my password for, and my account "KennyKush" was terminated in 2014, so I had to think of a new account name. That is when I created the three accounts, "IntoxicatedWhiteBoy", "NukeTheDolphins", and "TruthBehindTheLies" all within the span of 5 days. I decided to go with "TruthBehindTheLies" as my main account, and that is the reason I go by that name now. I don't play a whole lot of games anymore, and I've quit Roblox for the most part, but I'll always be a gamer at heart.