10 Reasons Men Are Better Than Women At Video Games

Posted on September 17, 2021July 8, 2022

Men have SIGNIFICANTLY better reaction time than women: Source On average men have a much better reaction time than women, which lead to faster gameplay on average. Men are more action orientated: Source According to this article by The Guardian, women are better at words, and men are better at ACTION! Video games are action oriented. Men can grow beards, which soaks up neck sweat, leading to improved concentration: Source Everyone knows having a beard makes you a better gamer … Continue reading “10 Reasons Men Are Better Than Women At Video Games”


Posted on September 17, 2021July 11, 2022

Chaseroony recently quote tweeted me calling me an Arsenal hacker, blatantly lying with no evidence to support his claim. He screenshotted TanqR’s video from nearly two years ago that show JJ Sploit and ProtoStar in my files. While it is true I had those folders on my computer, I never once used those to exploit in Arsenal and he knows that. I have 1000’s of hours of video and stream of me playing Arsenal, never once did I cheat. He … Continue reading “Chaseroony EXPOSED TRUTH BEHIND THE LIES? (Total Lies)”

Arsenal Summer Update First Impressions

Posted on July 7, 2021July 11, 2022

Arsenal’s new summer update July 7 10:30 PM EST is when the summer update came out. ROLVE released it around a late time during the night for people in the US & Europe As of typing this, the summer update is good and featured a lot of new features such as the new elo 1v1 gamemode. This gamemode consists of an elo system and a 1v1 system, you start off with 400 elo. When 1v1ing someone on the new gamemode, … Continue reading “Arsenal Summer Update First Impressions”

How to Donate

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I’ve had a TON of donors. But some of them donated INSANE amounts, it really helps out and changes a lot! Over the couple years I’ve been doing Youtube, I’ve had many donations, some being just a dollar to the incredibly rare occasions where I will get over five hundred dollars. There are a few ways to donate, including super chats, super stickers, Streamlabs donations, donating robux and even buying merch. you can access the Streamlabs donations by going to … Continue reading “How to Donate”

NEW Roblox Bedwars Maps (Autumn and Airship)

Posted on July 6, 2021July 8, 2022

There are two new maps in Roblox Bedwars, Autumn, which is a doubles map, and Airship which is a Squads map. For the next few days these new maps will be appearing more often. So we should be able to have a good time experiencing them Autumn (Doubles) – New map added, lots of small autumn islands, very visually appealing. The spawns are on a small island with a wooden enclosed hut, and a tree. The layout of the map … Continue reading “NEW Roblox Bedwars Maps (Autumn and Airship)”


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A new Bedwars update has been released! This update inclused Ziplines, a new kit, nerfs to the archer, changes to the Barbarian kit, new leaderboard, as well as various bug fixes. ZIPLINES!! (New shop item) – The ziplines cost 3 emeralds and they work by shooting them very similar to the bow or the crossbow. When the arrow lands, a post will appear both where you shot, and where you are standing. You can then ride the zipline back and … Continue reading “BedWars 🐲 [ZIPLINES + SHIELDER KIT!] UPDATE”

Happy Father’s Day

Posted on June 21, 2021July 8, 2022

I had a great Father’s Day on Sunday, all thanks to my girlfriend, my two daughters, and God. I woke up and was wished a happy Father’s Day right away by my step daughter Chloe, funny enough I had actually forgot that it was that day. I had to get to Church early, as I had signed up for my Church’s growth track program and it was my first class. So I got my clothes together (with the help of … Continue reading “Happy Father’s Day”

Pig Roast With The Men

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Today my church had a pig roast for the men, just us guys having some nice guy time. There was lots of food, and fun activities for us to enjoy. I’m a new member of the church and I was a bit nervous to go there, I hadn’t really talked to any of these people before, but once I arrived everyone was very welcoming. I met a lot of great guys there today, and had a nice horseshoe game (my … Continue reading “Pig Roast With The Men”