About Me

My name is Kenneth Rapoza, known online as ‘Truth Behind The Lies’. I am 24 years old (Born November 3rd, 1996) and I am a Christian, Father of two, and a gamer since birth, as I was born into a big gamer family. I’ve been using YouTube since 2007, and uploaded my first ever video in 2010.

I created the ‘Truth Behind The Lies’ YouTube channel in late 2014, and I’ve been using it since. Much of my older content was privated for a long time and some has also been deleted, as I was not family-friendly for a large majority of my time on YouTube and when I made the change to family friendly content I figured I should get rid of my old content to reflect the fact that I am family-friendly. The content that was deleted was mostly things I was concerned could be ToS issues. I have created over 3000 YouTube videos over the last 11 years (many of which are gone now), and I finally was able to go full-time on YouTube and turn it into my job, in July of 2020. Things slowed down quite a bit in early 2022 however, and I let my channel die. I have now quit Roblox and no longer do YouTube full time, I now make videos on things that interest me and events that happen in my life.

Many of you know me from the Roblox community, I started playing Roblox late 2007, and I created my first account in 2008, which I gave to someone else. I also had 2 more accounts in 2010, and 2012, both of which I forgot the password to. I had an account in 2014 that was terminated, which finally led me to the account that I use today, ‘TruthBehindTheLies’ in which I named my YouTube channel after. There isn’t any hidden meaning behind the name, I just thought it sounded cool to be honest.


I found God very recently, in early 2021, and I am a Christian man now and I stride to learn the Bible and the word of God and to become a better man. I plan on reading the entire Bible, and one day have much of it memorized if possible. I was baptized on June 5th, 2021 and from that point on it is my mission to become closer to God and my church. I want to become more connected with my church, and I am currently going through their Growth Track program. I also have joined a life group although I haven’t been able to make it to the meetings lately because of schedule issues.

I have a beautiful baby daughter Kennedy, as well as a 7 year old step daughter Chloe who I treat as my own and have been in her life for over 3 years now. I take care of them with my wonderful girlfriend, Tayla, who I will soon be marrying in early 2023.