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A new Bedwars update has been released! This update inclused Ziplines, a new kit, nerfs to the archer, changes to the Barbarian kit, new leaderboard, as well as various bug fixes.

:parachute:ZIPLINES!! (New shop item) – The ziplines cost 3 emeralds and they work by shooting them very similar to the bow or the crossbow. When the arrow lands, a post will appear both where you shot, and where you are standing. You can then ride the zipline back and forth, and other people can use it as well. There are many problems with this though, lots of glitches such as flying off the zipline, being flung, falling if you hit something, teleporting back, etc. It also goes very slow, and it is incredibly easy to be shot off. All in all I’m not a huge fan of the ziplines, although they definitely have their uses, and as far as cost efficiency, as long as you are using them enough, they will be cheaper than pearls. Although late game if you have a tier 3 generator it may still be better to just pearl around instead of ziplining.

:shield: Inferno Shielder Kit – This new kit is honestly pretty useless in my opinion, it gives you a shield that you need to equip in your hotbar like every other item in the game. Once equipped you also need to hold click to raise your shield and actually use it, in which you can not run anymore, and are slowed down to a crawl. It does in fact reduce your damage taken and your knockback but the fact that you can’t have any other item equipped, such as a sword, bow, tools, etc. makes it tough to actually use. I still much prefer the archer kit, I think it is the most overpowered kit, even after the nerfs.

:crossed_swords: Barbarian now has a unique “Rageblade” sword that replaces the Emerald Sword – This is th

:bow_and_arrow: Nerfed Archer projectile damage (+20% -> +15%) – The archer kit now has a reduced projectile damage of 5% compares to what it was before. Using the archer kit the bow base damage (fully charged) now does 23 damage (prev 24), and the crossbow base damage (close range) now does 52 (prev 54). This does not make too much of a difference all things said, but it does nerf it a little.

:bow_and_arrow: Nerfed Tactical Crossbow damage (60 -> 50) – The tactical bow now has 10 less base damage, combined with the 5% less projectile damage from the archer kit, the archer kit now does 57 damage (prev 72) which is a very considerable nerf to what it once was, although this is still an incredible effective weapon, but now with armor it will take another shot or two depending on the armor type to defeat your opponent.

:trophy: Lobby Wins Leaderboard – There is now a leaderboard in the lobby that shows the monthy wins, the players with the highest number of wins in the month. It shows the top 10, as well as your position, your number of wins, and a countdown timer for when the leaderboard will reset.

:bar_chart: Kills are now rewarded for dying to fall damage – If you shoot someone or sword someone off an edge and they fall and die from it, the kill will now be rewarded to you.


Builder Kit: Helmet light is no longer visible in first person – previously when you went in first person the light from the helmet would be visible and it was slightly annoying and could be distracting.

:bow_and_arrow: Tactical Crossbow: Laser is no longer visible in first person – sometimes when running the laser on the crossbow would be visible in first person, and this is no longer the case.

:zap: Bug fixes – Various other bug fixes that are not specifically mentioned.

Lobby Wins Leaderboard

The leaderboard looks very nice in the lobby, it is to the left of the “VIP RANK” green rotating heart, and to the right of the “ISLANDS” portal. The leaderboard has two banners to the right and left, and a large golden crown on top.

Inferno Shielder

The Inferno Shielder kit at spawn, it looks very nice. Very visually appealing, although it can really give away your spot with those big wings, especially if you are trying to hide around a corner. I suggest not using the kit skin if you are going to play with this kit. Though it’s arguably the most good looking kit, it’s pretty useless in my opinion. The shield just isn’t that great, and it’s the only thing that the kit has to offer you. If the shield was able to be put in an off hand, and always able to be raised quickly using a hotkey, that would be much better.

New Zipline in Action

Despite it’s shortcomings, the zipline definitely has some useful scenarios. Quick transport from the base to diamonds, quick transport from base to mid, you could even set one up for a quick base raid. I recommend putting the zipline up above, to discourage people breaking it on you. As you can see in this picture, I shot the zipline up on the highest tree on the diamond generator, and the other end of the zipline was on top of my base. It is still very dangerous to ride a zipline, but sometimes it’s worth it.