Happy Father’s Day

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I had a great Father’s Day on Sunday, all thanks to my girlfriend, my two daughters, and God. I woke up and was wished a happy Father’s Day right away by my step daughter Chloe, funny enough I had actually forgot that it was that day. I had to get to Church early, as I had signed up for my Church’s growth track program and it was my first class. So I got my clothes together (with the help of my girlfriend), hopped in the shower, and went on my way.

I was running a little late, at least according to my time. I try to get places 30 minutes early or more, but I was on track to only show up about 20 minutes early, nonetheless I was hungry. So I stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts and got myself a large ice mocha, with 2 cream, 1 splenda, and two bacon egg and cheese on croissant sandwiches. I ended up showing up 15 minutes before it started, and I was greeted immediately upon getting out of the car.

(From this point on anyone I talk about I will change their names, as I don’t want to give away any personal information about anyone)

I was greeted by Richard, and his daughter Ivy. I had met Richard at the pig roast the day before, he is a great guy and he introduced me to many of the men at the Church. We went inside and got ready, we went into the classroom and there were just 3 of us, and our teacher, Seth. Seth is an Elder at the Church, and has a lot of knowledge of the Bible. He was raised as a Catholic, and eventually became Protestant. He is a nice guy as well who I had also met the day before. We all talked a little bit about who we were and our background, and then we started the first session. I enjoyed growth track very much.

After growth track ended, it was just about time for us to get in for the service. My girlfriend and two daughters showed up, and we went in and started listening to the worship music. After the music my pastor came out, and he preached a very good sermon. I enjoy listening to him speak on the word of God, we are currently in the Book of Revelation. I left Church feeling very good, and feeling very connected to The Lord.

I had tried to get ahold of my dad, but for some reason he did not want to answer. Later in the day we went to eat some Hibachi at a local restaurant, and it was good. I had some sushi, steak, shrimp, noodles, rice, and vegetables. I had three drinks of “Bull in a China Shop” which is Red Bull mixed with some kinds of alcohol, I can’t quite remember exactly what alcohols are in it. There was a bit of a wait for the food, which was expected, but thankfully we had made reservations so we were able to sit down right away. The food was delicious.

We drove home, and I went for a nice long walk in the moonlight before I went inside for bed. I love my nightly walks, I try to talk with God a bit, listen to the Bible, listen to music, sometimes I will call my dad or I will call a friend. It wasn’t too hot which helped, I enjoyed the cool breeze of the night. When I did eventually head back home, the kids were already asleep. I got into bed and had a very nice night sleep.