Pig Roast With The Men

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Today my church had a pig roast for the men, just us guys having some nice guy time. There was lots of food, and fun activities for us to enjoy. I’m a new member of the church and I was a bit nervous to go there, I hadn’t really talked to any of these people before, but once I arrived everyone was very welcoming. I met a lot of great guys there today, and had a nice horseshoe game (my teammate and I won). We prayed together, my pastor preached, and we had some nice music courtesy of the worship team.

There were some fun things to do at the roast, which was hosted at the newly acquired land the church bought, where our new church will be built. There was cornhole, horseshoes, volleyball, golf, and even some ATVs. I didn’t partake it too many of the activities, aside from the horseshoes, but there was plenty of stuff there to keep everyone entertained.

I stayed there an hour after it officially ended, talking with some of the guys who were still hanging around. I got to know a couple of the pastors a little better, and made some nice connections with other people of the church. I can’t wait until church tomorrow, some of the guys told me that our pastor always has an amazing sermon for Father’s Day. I also signed up for my church’s growth track, where I can learn and God and the Bible, as well as develop and strengthen my faith and connection with Jesus.

I’m really glad that I started going to this church, I know this is a positive step in my life and I’m excited to see where things will take me from here. I live my life for God now, and I’m so grateful that I was able to find Him.