NEW Roblox Bedwars Maps (Autumn and Airship)

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There are two new maps in Roblox Bedwars, Autumn, which is a doubles map, and Airship which is a Squads map. For the next few days these new maps will be appearing more often. So we should be able to have a good time experiencing them

:fallen_leaf: Autumn (Doubles) – New map added, lots of small autumn islands, very visually appealing. The spawns are on a small island with a wooden enclosed hut, and a tree. The layout of the map has the emeralds in the middle, as usual, and the diamonds on each of the four corners. The team spawn points are set up in pairs on each of the four ends of the map, totaling 8 in all.

Wooden spawn hut

You spawn on a small island with a tree and a hut, the hut is enclosed with a doorway and a roof above the doorway. There is also a tree on the island and a small rock. Next to you will be another team, and on the other side is a diamond spawner.

View of mid from spawn

The middle of the map is littered with small islands, and the mid is connected by rocks. The emeralds islands are small and easy to be shot off from, and require a decent amount of bridging to get to.

:balloon: Airship (Squads) – New map added, very spacious and not much natural land. There are four airships, and blimps around the map that hold the diamond and emerald spawners, and a building in the middle which I believe is supposed to be some sort of school house.

Airship (spawn)

The map spawns you in an airship, hence the name of the map. There are four of these on each end of the map, one for each team. It is completely surrounded by the void, as is common in Roblox Bedwars, however these airships appear to be further off than typical spawns. There is plenty of room on the ship to build a nice base out of, and the generator is completely surrounded by unbreakable walls and windows, and just a small doorway to get in. There is also a pretty good sized roof on the airship, which I believe is supposed to be a balloon, in which you can go on top of and use for sniping.

Iron Spawner

The iron generator and actual spawn point is inside a room on the airship. There are windows although these can not be broken, and the doorway is only 3 blocks wide, and 4 blocks tall, making it incredibly easy to block yourself in if need be. The bed is also in direct sight of the spawn, and only a few blocks away from the door, that in combination of how far the airships are from eachother, makes early game rushes an unlikely strategy and one that will often result in failure if the defending team has even a small amount of skill.

View From Airship

This is the view from the airship spawn, as you can see there are blimps scattered around the map, some of these are for emerald or diamond spawners, and some are just to make it easier to bridge around the map. There are also 4 windmills in the corners of the map that could be useful for sniping towers or bases. Then there is the building in the center of the map.

Emerald Spawn Blimps

Here is a view standing on top of one of the windmills, looking towards the center of the map. These are the emerald blimps as well as the building in the center of the map. There was a glitch that the diamonds were not spawning, which I’m assuming will be fixed soon as everyone in the Roblox Bedwars Discord server has been reporting it in the Bug Fixes section.

Building in the middle, schoolhouse perhaps?

The building in the middle has doors on each side, and there is a platform that goes all around, making it incredibly easy to get emeralds if you are in mid. However because of how close the emerald blimps are, it can be very chaotic in mid around this building, more so than most maps.