How to Donate

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Sending a super chat or super sticker

I’ve had a TON of donors. But some of them donated INSANE amounts, it really helps out and changes a lot! Over the couple years I’ve been doing Youtube, I’ve had many donations, some being just a dollar to the incredibly rare occasions where I will get over five hundred dollars. There are a few ways to donate, including super chats, super stickers, Streamlabs donations, donating robux and even buying merch. you can access the Streamlabs donations by going to this website: while I’m streaming.

Become a member

You can also become a member, there are five tiers, ranging from $2 to $50! Supporter is tier one and it’s $2. Tier two is Cool Supporter, it’s $5. Tier 3 is Awesome Supporter, it’s $10. Epic Supporter is tier 4, it’s $25. Last is tier 5, ULTIMATE Supporter, it’s $50! This is one of the ways to donate while having special perks! There are different member badges. Depending on how many months you’ve been a member your badge has different headphone colors. New member badge has neon green headphones. Month 1 has tan headphones, Month 2 is white. Month 6 has yellow headphones, month 12 has blue headphones. Last but not least, 24 months! It has blue headphones and a crown.

Not a lot of people use super stickers, but they are a fun way to donate! Super stickers are like superchats, but they have either a picture or a fun gif with your donation! There is a selection of superstickers, some costing $2 up to $50! There are many different characters and gifs to choose from! This is a way to donate, but not a lot of people use it because you can not send a message alongside the superchat. However if you don’t have a message to give then perhaps a super sticker is the route for you.

Sending a superchat

Superchats are one of the most common ways of donating. I see many people use superchats to donate, YouTube caps you at a max of $500 per day, and a max of $2500 a week, although it’s incredibly rare to ever find someone who would donate that much, not unless Mr Beast wants to drop by.

Streamlabs Donation Website

Streamlabs is a website you can donate with as well, it goes through PayPal and you can write a donation message that will pop up on screen. You don’t see it all the time but a lot of people use it. From what I know, you can donate as much money as you want. There is a points and hours leaderboard as well.


You can obtain points by being active in streams, every 5 minutes you get 5 points depending on how active you’ve been in the live stream chat. At the streams you can say “!stats” or “!points” to check your points. There used to be a “!gamble!” command, but I removed it due to people having hundreds of thousands of points and I always had to keep resetting them. By using the command “!top (number up to 25)” you are able to check the points leaderboard. You can also check your hours by typing “!hours”

This blog post was written by Kashew, edited by Truth