Arsenal Summer Update First Impressions

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Arsenal’s new summer update

July 7 10:30 PM EST is when the summer update came out. ROLVE released it around a late time during the night for people in the US & Europe

New Gamemodes

As of typing this, the summer update is good and featured a lot of new features such as the new elo 1v1 gamemode. This gamemode consists of an elo system and a 1v1 system, you start off with 400 elo. When 1v1ing someone on the new gamemode, you will be chosen with someone of a similar elo as you. If the chosen enemy has a higher elo than you, you will earn more elo if you win, if the chosen enemy has a lower elo than you, you will earn less elo if you win. The same thing goes for losing, if the enemy has lower elo, you will lose more, if they have higher elo, you will lose less.

New Shooting Range

The update is great and all but the developers kind of rushed it making the physics all messed up. One time I was in the dust map I noticed the ladder actually cant be climbed at because the physics was broken. I could climb but it would need to be backwards or either spammed. This is somewhat understandable as there was a lot of people waiting for this update and getting very impatient, so they may not have been able to playtest it as much as they should have. That can definitely be a problem when it comes to the community being impatient, some things can get rushed and it ends up being a worse experience for everyone involved.

Buff Brickbattle With Delinquent Pop

It seems for the most part the maps in the 1v1 Ranked Elo Matches end up being just Dust Storm and Matrix, I’ve gotten other maps too but those ones are by far the most common to occur. I think that the maps for 1v1 Elo Competitive should be limited to maps that are better suited for 1v1s, such as Dizzy, or perhaps Sandtown. One time I actually got Agency and it was an incredibly long match, almost ended up in a draw or even lost. But at least I get to find newer strategies in 1v1ing people on different maps.

The new summer crates have arrived, they look awesome! I opened each one of them and many new unique skins and items have arrived like the Buffbattle (Buff Brickbattle), Delinquent Popsicle, Hotdog, and more. The hotdog emote is kinda funny, and the Delinquent Popsicle melee looks small in 1st person compared to the one seen in 3rd person.

Unboxing the BuffBattle

As I was checking more new added stuff I see a creator pannel. huh, this must be for content creators right? And my thought is correct, it is for content creators. But I am not sure if I will ever get this, it would still be good if I did though. My buddy Skeqtical tried to ask for it but sadly got denied. I heard they added an orange team for content creators, I hope I will get it eventually, it seems like a great team. Something tells me I’ll never get these things though, the people at ROLVe don’t seem to like me very much.

New Coastal Map

I see they added new maps and guns too! As I shot some players I realised how well the guns sounds like, it sounds fantastic! Arsenal finally improved the gun sounds, I heard they added more guns which I’m pretty happy to know about. The minigun does sound kinda weird but hey, an update like this is amazing so I can’t really complain.

New Concussion Mania Map

The sad part about this update is the fact that they cancelled custom map building. My only opportunity to create fun and wonderful maps like a map for hide and seek or for 1v1s, I’m hoping one day in the future they will add it back, cause the Arsenal map builder is a really fun tool to play with your creativity, I’m sure many people will make amazing creations with this. Another thing that I’m upset about is the custom gamemodes not being added either, but hopefully these things will be added sometime in the future.

This blog post was written by VaporWave (aka Roblox.Production 123456keean1), Edited by Truth