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Chaseroony recently quote tweeted me calling me an Arsenal hacker, blatantly lying with no evidence to support his claim. He screenshotted TanqR’s video from nearly two years ago that show JJ Sploit and ProtoStar in my files. While it is true I had those folders on my computer, I never once used those to exploit in Arsenal and he knows that. I have 1000’s of hours of video and stream of me playing Arsenal, never once did I cheat.

He knows that I have never cheated in Arsenal, as we have talked about this back during the first ACT hosted by Bandites when him and John Roblox tried to “expose” and humiliate me in front of all the other YouTubers in the ACT Discord. I confronted him about this, and he knows it isn’t true, yet he has been spreading it around for almost 2 years now.

Originally when I confronted him about this, I was very aggressive, and I later apologized for that aggression before our match in the ACT. He also apologized for spreading the false rumors, yet here he is again lying to everyone just as he has done in the past. Chaseroony is a blatant liar, slandering my good name with no proof to back up his claims other than some exploit files from 2 years ago.

Many developers and YouTubers have exploit files on their computers for various reasons, as well as many normal players. It’s ridiculous to accuse someone of cheating in a specific game, just because of files on their computer that isn’t directly related to the game in question. I do in fact have exploits on that computer, although I never actually use JJ Sploit or ProtoStar, those are there simply for the meme factor, which you would know if you watched the video that the screenshot is taken from. The video is very memey, and there are a lot of sus things in my files and on the desktop of my computer. This is the video that the screenshots are from, and if you look you’ll see lots of things that are there for the memes.

In all reality, I actually use Synapse X, which I have never hidden from anyone. I received a free copy of Synapse X two years ago from Sir Meme. If I do decide to do some exploiting, I use Synapse X, and I would never use JJ Sploit or ProtoStar, another point that I have brought up in the past that Chaseroony knows very well. I do in fact exploit here and there on Roblox, however I do not exploit in any way that would ruin anyone’s fun and I would never exploit in a game like Arsenal. When I do exploit, it’s just in old simulator games, or hangout games to goof around with friends, I would never cheat in a game like Arsenal to ruin anyone’s good time.