Arsenal Summer Update First Impressions

Posted on July 7, 2021July 11, 2022

Arsenal’s new summer update July 7 10:30 PM EST is when the summer update came out. ROLVE released it around a late time during the night for people in the US & Europe As of typing this, the summer update is good and featured a lot of new features such as the new elo 1v1 gamemode. This gamemode consists of an elo system and a 1v1 system, you start off with 400 elo. When 1v1ing someone on the new gamemode, … Continue reading “Arsenal Summer Update First Impressions”

How to Donate

Posted on July 7, 2021July 8, 2022Tags , , , , , , ,

I’ve had a TON of donors. But some of them donated INSANE amounts, it really helps out and changes a lot! Over the couple years I’ve been doing Youtube, I’ve had many donations, some being just a dollar to the incredibly rare occasions where I will get over five hundred dollars. There are a few ways to donate, including super chats, super stickers, Streamlabs donations, donating robux and even buying merch. you can access the Streamlabs donations by going to … Continue reading “How to Donate”

NEW Roblox Bedwars Maps (Autumn and Airship)

Posted on July 6, 2021July 8, 2022

There are two new maps in Roblox Bedwars, Autumn, which is a doubles map, and Airship which is a Squads map. For the next few days these new maps will be appearing more often. So we should be able to have a good time experiencing them Autumn (Doubles) – New map added, lots of small autumn islands, very visually appealing. The spawns are on a small island with a wooden enclosed hut, and a tree. The layout of the map … Continue reading “NEW Roblox Bedwars Maps (Autumn and Airship)”


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A new Bedwars update has been released! This update inclused Ziplines, a new kit, nerfs to the archer, changes to the Barbarian kit, new leaderboard, as well as various bug fixes. ZIPLINES!! (New shop item) – The ziplines cost 3 emeralds and they work by shooting them very similar to the bow or the crossbow. When the arrow lands, a post will appear both where you shot, and where you are standing. You can then ride the zipline back and … Continue reading “BedWars 🐲 [ZIPLINES + SHIELDER KIT!] UPDATE”